About Us

Kush Candles® is a family-owned company founded in 2013 by two brothers. Sharing a joint on the couch one night, we thought of how one of the first things we do to get a smoke sesh going was to light a couple of candles. But even better… what if those candles had the delicious, terpy smell of our favorite cannabis strains?  So ever since, we’ve been on the quest to make the best-smelling cannabis candles possible.

Kush Candles are handmade at our candle studio in Loveland, CO. You can find them at our online shop or at over 100+ retail locations across the US.

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*NEW in 2017, we are now infusing all Kush Candles with organic terpenes! Infusing our wax with terpenes was no easy task, but after many late nights and countless test-batches, we have finally perfected our technique!