Our Candles

Do they smell like weed?

Kush Candles® smell more like the individual cannabis strains, and less like just a bag of weed. For example, our Blue Dream candle is infused with Linalool and a-Pinene, which are the two most commonly found terpenes in Blue Dream. We also use the essential oils from white tea and a variety of berries to truly capture the aroma that cannabis strain.

What are they made with?

Kush Candles are made from 100% pure soybean wax, 100% pure hemp seed oil, pure cotton wicks, 100% certified non-toxic fragrance oils, and organic terpenes! 

How long do they burn for?

  • 10 oz. Kush Candle (50+ hours) – recommended sesh time of 2-4 hrs
  • 4.2 oz Travel Kush Candle – (20+ hours) – recommended sesh time of 30min- 2hrs
  • Dime Bag Tealights – (5 hours) – recommended sesh time of 30 min-2 hrs

Why do you use hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil allows the candle to burn it’s flame at a cooler temperature. This is an essential element to make sure the terpenes get diffused into your room properly.

Why put terpenes in a candle anyways?

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? It is the ancient practice of using essential oils from nature to heal the body. It’s been used for centuries for their wonderful medicinal benefits. Well, Kush Candles do just that, however we use super-specific aromas (terpenes) that are found in cannabis around the world! Learn more abut the wonderful benefits of terpenes here

How are they made?

All of our candles are handmade at our studio in Loveland, Colorado. We melt the wax, infuse our terpenes, and hand-pour each candle. We then clip our wicks, hand label each one, wipe them down, and wrap them out to get ready to ship! Learn more

How long until I receive my order? 

About 5-7 days. Our candles are handmade in small batches, so it usually takes about 5-7 days for orders to ship. They are sent USPS 2-Day Priority.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]

Do you ship to Canada? 

Yes, shipping to Canada is available. However, that is the only country we ship to at this time.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return or exchange an item? 

We understand shopping online can be hard sometimes. Which is why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Meaning, if you’re not fully satisfied with the aroma or burn of your candle, we offer full exchanges no questions asked! 

How long do I have to return an item?

Please email support@kushcandles.com within 5 days of receiving your items if you need an exchange or refund. If you’re candle was damaged during shipping (which rarely happens) please take pictures. To make a refund/exchange request, email your name, order number, reason for return/exchange. Once your email is received, a return/exchange will be processed within 10 days.


How can I contact you?

Email is the best way to contact. Please visit our Contact page for more info!

How do I sign up to receive special coupons and deals on Kush Candles?

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