• FAQs

  • Do they smell like weed?

    Kush Candles® smell more like the individual cannabis strains, and less like just a bag of weed. For example, our Blue Dream candle is infused with Linalool and a-Pinene, which are the two most commonly found terpenes in Blue Dream. We also use the essential oils from white tea and a variety of berries to truly capture the aroma that cannabis strain.

  • How long do they burn for?

    10 oz. Kush Candle (50+ hours) – recommended sesh time of 2-4 hrs 4.2 oz Travel Kush Candle – (20+ hours) – recommended sesh time of 30min- 2hrs

  • How quickly does my order ship?

    Orders ship within 48 hours. Orders $50 get a FREE upgrade to USPS 2-Day Priority.

  • Can I exchange my candle if I don't like it?

    Absolutely! Check out our seamless exchange system here.

  • How do I get free candles with Wax Drip Rewards™?

    Click the green icon in your bottom left corner to check your points total!