Info About Our Candles


100% Pure Soy Wax

We only use the finest quality of soy wax avialable. USA grown and removed of all pesticides and herpacides, we guarntee our candle will leave you. Learn more about the dangers of paraffin wax here.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed OIl allows the candle to burn at a lower tempature - which means this extends the total burn time by more than 15 hours!


Every scent we offer, we also infuse with a select group of terepnes that are designed to bring the same theraputic effects as the strain would (well, minus the THC!)

Handmade in Colorado, USA

We make prducts for stoners, made by stoners. And we are proud to be 100% USA-made! Because we handpour every candle in small batches, we can ensure the quality of your candle is always what you expect!