The 7 Percent Pledge

In this moment, the world is experiencing one of the most pivotal times in history. More than ever, enough voices can be heard together to bring about real change on important human issues.


Police violence, systematic racism, the criminal justice system. We demand reform. We demand justice. And Kush Candles is adding it’s voice to the millions across our planet who are demanding the same thing.

We stand with all those affected by discrimination, and the anger of injustice it brings. We are joining efforts with all those calling for reform and meaningful change to systematic structures. The structures in place that allow this cruelty to fellow humans to continue.


Effective immediately, Kush Candles is donating 7% of all online sales to the Last Prisoner Project.


If there is one specific area we can address and make an impact in, it is massive reform to the inhumane prison system. There are currently 40,000 humans (disproportionately African American) serving up to life sentences for the sale of cannabis. At the same time, the American economy legally profits billions from doing the exact same thing.

Last Prisoner Project does a tremendous job in helping these individuals, while also shining light to how broken the prison system is.

Learn more about Last Prisoner Project here, or to make a direct donation.


We pledge to be allies.

We will use our platform to amplify the stories and voices of our brothers and sisters.

We join the calls for reforms on racial disparity and the way policing is enforced in this country.

We join teams with others dismantling the systematic structures allowing racism to continue.

We are donating 7% of online sales to community projects battling real social issues.


Kush Candles® is not just a brand, but a spark for meaningful, lasting change. Together, we are stronger.