Terpenes in Kush Candles

Terpenes are the essential oils secreted from cannabis (and all other natural plant life), and serve many different purposes. Being responsible for the wide range of unique aromas in nature is our favorite!

Kush Candles are infused with the 4 most commonly found terpenes in cannabis:

Myrcenecloves myrcene

  • Aroma: earthy, musky, herbal
  • Effects: “couch-lock” effect, relaxing
  • Most commonly found terpene in cannabis
  • Has been shown to lower the blood-to-brain barrier. In the case of consuming cannabis, it may allow the THC to take effect more quickly
  • Shown to increase the maximum saturation level of your CB1 receptor, leading to stronger effects of THC.


  • Aroma: sweet, floral, herbal
  • Effects: calming, relaxing
  • Used for centuries as a sleep aid (found in Lavender)
  • Lessens anxious emotions provoked by THC
  • Has been shown to boost the immune system, and may significantly reduce lung inflammation


  • Aroma: Pine, fir, earthy
  • Effects: alertness, memory-aid
  • Two types of Pinene (α-pinene and β-Pinene)
  • α-Pinene is the most widley found terpene in nature


  • Aroma: strong citrus smell, like lemons and oranges,with notes of sweetness
  • Effects: energizing, uplift in mood and attitude


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