Why Kush Candles®?

  • Made using 100% pure soy wax + pure hemp seed oil
  • Burns slow for 50+ hours
  • Handmade in Colorado, USA
  • Infused with organic terpenes
  • Pure cotton wicks (lead-free)
  • GMO-free, Pesticide-free, Herbicide-free wax
  • Certified non-toxic fragrance oils
  • Encourage the Entoruage Effect with cannabis and terperne aromatherapy

Enhance any smoke sesh

Kush Candles are made just for the cannabis community. Each candle is a unique combination of essential oils and terpenes to truly capture the essence of each strain.

Terpenes are great for aromatherapy. Like our boy Myrcene, known to not only help the effects of THC take effect more quickly, but also allows your body to absorb more of it!

Kush Candles